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NCI Best Case Series
Updated: 11/08/12

NCI Best Case Series Protocol Flowchart

The flowchart below describes the role of the practitioner in the process of submitting case summaries and their respective medical records to the NCI Best Case Series Program. To help elucidate the flowchart the following description provides greater detail about some terms used on the flow chart.

In the “Pre-Research” phase (as designated on the left hand side of the flow chart) the practitioner submits a series of 3 to 20 de-identified cases to OCCAM who then confirms the eligibility of cases in the “Research" phase. After receiving patient written consent, the practitioner is notified to provide a detailed medical history of the eligible case to OCCAM. Finally, the CAM practitioner is notified whether each case is "persuasive" "supportive" or "unevaluable" and if the case merits NCI initiated research.

View the NCI BCS protocol flow chart for a visual representation of the process of submitting cases.