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Fall 2008, Vol. 3 Issue 2

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OCCAM  Staff

September 5, 2008

Research Working Group on Case Reports

Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Oluwadamilola Olaku

September 24-26, 2008

4th International Conference on Holistic Health and Medicine*

Lexington, KY

Shea Buckman

September 26-28, 2008

Insulin Potentiation Therapy Conference

San Diego, CA

Dr. Farah Zia

October 15-19, 2008

Frontiers in Integrative Oncology,
American College for Advancement in Medicine*


Las Vegas, NV

Shea Buckman

November 1-2, 2008

2008 New York International TCM Summit

New York City, NY

Dr. Libin Jia

November 20-21, 2008

5th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology*

Atlanta, GA

Shea Buckman

*Indicates that an OCCAM staff member will be at the NCI or OCCAM exhibit booth.

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