Office of Cancer Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
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Updated: 11/09/12

For Health Professionals

View Summaries on CAM Therapies
Compiles evidence-based summaries on specific CAM therapies

Search for More CAM Resources
Links to databases that include information on clinical trials, health organizations, scientific literature

Talk to Your Patients about CAM (NCCAM)
Gives tips and information about talking to your patients about their use of CAM

Report CAM-related Adverse Events
Helps the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) track safety information and adverse events related to CAM

Read Safety Warnings (FDA, NCCAM)
Provides safety alerts and advisories related to cancer CAM

Sign-up for the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN)
Unites health care professionals for the purpose of sharing experiences and best practices in all aspects of cancer patient education

Find Integrative Medicine Programs
Lists integrative medicine programs at NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Watch Video Lectures
Links to lectures on cancer and/or CAM

Patient-Centered Communication in Cancer Care: Promoting Healing and Reducing Suffering
A comprehensive conceptual framework to enhance communication with patients/family unit and health care providers