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Updated: 04/29/16

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Evidence-based Traditional Medicine and Healthcare System in India - Special Reference to Cancer
May 3, 2016, 12:00 noon-1:45 pm
NCI-Shady Grove, Room 5W032/034

This symposium will give broad introduction to Indian healthcare system with focus on cancer. This will be followed by a primer on Ayurveda and Yoga highlighting their role in the management of cancer and other non-communicable diseases.



Botanicals and Cancer Research: Clinical Trials
July 15-16, 2009

Workshop activities were designed to assess the state-of-the-science of botanicals as potential cancer treatments, with a focus on anti-cancer drug development through clinical trials. Plenary sessions highlighted the various facets of botanical anti-cancer drugs research and prepared working groups for their discussion sessions. Results of these discussions will be summarized, presented to all of the workshop participants, and then written as manuscripts for publication in a cancer research journal. 

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Cancer Researchers and CAM Practitioners:
Fostering Collaborations; Advancing the Science Conference Series
October 22-23, 2007

The primary goals of this conference were to foster interaction and dialog between CAM practitioners and cancer researchers and to inform NCI staff about the issues related to the development, support, and implementation of research projects involving collaborations between CAM practitioners and cancer researchers.

Cancer Researchers, CAM Practitioners

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cancer Research:
Fostering Collaborations; Advancing the Science Conference Series
April 10-12, 2006

The purpose of this conference was to inform NCI staff about the application of various Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities for cancer prevention, treatment, and symptom management and to facilitate discussion on the role that NCI should play in furthering research in this area.

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