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Last Updated: 09/02/20

For Patients

CAM Highlights from NCINew
A monthly feature that highlights a specific topic related to CAM and cancer care. Subscribe to receive updates by email.

Talking about Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Health Care Providers:
A Workbook and Tips
Designed to help you talk with your health care provider(s) about your complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use during and after your cancer care

Thinking about CAM: A Guide for People with Cancer
Describes how to make informed choices when looking for CAM
See also: Finding and Evaluating Online Resources

PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Peer-reviewed, evidence-based cancer information summaries on complementary and alternative medicine

Are You Considering Using CAM? (NCCIH)
Assists in your decision making about CAM including frequently asked questions, issues to consider, and a list of sources for further information

Learn about Specific CAM Therapies
Provides information on CAM therapies used by cancer patients

Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer and CAM
Provides answers to questions about cancer and CAM

Read Safety Warnings (FDA, NCCIH)
Provides safety alerts and advisories related to cancer CAM

How To Find a Complementary Health Practitioner
Answers frequently asked questions about selecting a CAM practitioner as well as important questions to ask the practitioner you select
See also: 6 Things To Know When Selecting a Complementary Health Practitioner

Paying for CAM Treatment (NCCIH)
Answers frequently asked questions about paying for CAM treatment

Evaluating Medical Resources on the Web
Gives advice to help you decide if a Web site is trustworthy

Find Integrative Medicine Programs
Lists integrative medicine programs at NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Search for More CAM Resources
Links to databases that include information on clinical trials, health organizations, scientific literature

Look Up Definitions of Cancer Terms
Defines cancer-related terms