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Last Updated: 11/9/12

Research Resources

New Directory for Cancer CAM Researchers

One of OCCAM’s priorities is to facilitate the development and organization of the field of cancer CAM research. In light of this, OCCAM has created a searchable directory of cancer CAM researchers, the Cancer CAM Researcher Directory, that will assist researchers working in this growing field to identify others with similar or related research interests. OCCAM hopes that this online tool will simplify at least one aspect of forming collaborations, finding a research partner.

In order to be included in the directory, researchers must register and demonstrate that they have published original research on a cancer and CAM topic by providing a literature citation. Once registered, users will have full access to information provided by other registered users such as:

  • contact information
  • educational background
  • research topics of interest
  • types of research conducted (in vitro, animal, etc.)
  • CAM modalities studied

Additional features provided to registered users include access to posted potential collaboration opportunities as well as other announcements including meetings and events and job openings.

The directory will also be searchable by non-registered users, however the type of information that can be viewed will be limited to researcher name, institution, research topics of interest, types of research conducted, and CAM modalities studied.

Dr. Jeffrey D. White, OCCAM director, says, “I hope that this user-friendly directory will promote a greater exchange of interests and experiences among the growing population working in this diverse field of cancer CAM research.”

To join and search the Cancer CAM Researcher Directory or to find out information on the inclusion criteria, please visit

Expert Opinions on Methodology: Development of Cancer CAM Symptom Research Booklet Re-released

cover of Expert Opinions on Methodology: Development  of Cancer CAM Symptom Research

OCCAM has re-released the publication Expert Opinions on Methodology: Development of Cancer CAM Symptom Research. The 128-page publication is based on a meeting convened in November 2001, which focused on the challenges of symptom management research. Topics included the development of appropriate shams or controls for CAM interventions, development of tools and measurement issues, ethical issues, and potential statistical concerns. The panel of experts that included researchers, physicians, and statisticians, from leading cancer research and treatment centers reviewed and discussed the state-of-the-science in cancer CAM symptom management. An executive summary and supporting presentations are provided in the publication.

To request a copy of Expert Opinions on Methodology: Development of Cancer CAM Symptom Research, please e-mail or visit

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